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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Red Cash Inferno Interview

The Red Cash Inferno Interview
Video sent by paulreyno
Please welcome these four lads from Doncaster, who play a sort of Hardcore Metal, some would say its death metal others would call it black metal. However to quote Ben, the Bass player, since he joined they have lightened up a little.
these guys are really short of modern equipment they have no facility where they can even attempt to make an mp3, so the background music is a rough live demo recording I made of them whilst at their rehearsal rooms this week. The sound quality is not really that good but its better than what they had before, nothing. Lorne is the Vocalist, a bit of a screamer but can sing too,his style when singing is a cross between Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop. The guitarist, Matt is a really accomplished player, quick to grasp the essentials of anything new, I have mentioned Ben the Bass player, the drummer Dave is a typical noisy drummer who does like the sound of his own instrument. I would like to thank the lads for allowing me to film them.
If anyone out there has access to or can loan these guys some sort of recording equipment/mixing desk, they would be eternally grateful, at least then they will be able to release a demo ep and can then upload something onto the web.
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