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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Unclassified interview

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Unclassified, a metal/Punk band from Doncaster were kind enough to allow me into there home and invited me to do an interview with them as long as I did it in character as Uncle Dic. So I obliged. These four young people from the village where I actually grew up (small world), are a talented bunch of kids. The guitarist Adam reminds me a little of a white BB King, the vocalist, Jordan has that raw sound that I certainly would associate with the early days of punk rock, he has a very mature gravelly voice in the mould of Wayne County and Billy Idol. Dan the bassist claims that playing the bass is the best thing to do in a band, when I reminded him that it was a poor man's lead guitar, he smiled at me and curiously agreed.
Emma really hits those skins hard a first rate drummer with a potentially first rate band. A nice combination.The band has been through som trials and tribulations of late and as a result have not done any gigs recently. They are really desperate to brush off the cobwebs and start gigging again, so come on guys give these youngsters a chance to prove what they can do. I will be working with them again, and as with all the artists I feature it does not stop there, I support them all the way until they decide they no longer need my support.

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