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The Paulreynoshow is the most exciting and funny show on the net today..and its free to view. Here we see the Paulreyno show from its humble and naive beginings transform into what we have today. The show started as the Spliffy Show and developed with the addition of new characters into the very much loved Paulreyno show. Sit back, Enjoy and be entertained. TO DOWNLOAD JUST CLICK ON THE MAIN HEADING OF THE CHOSEN VIDEO

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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Paulreyno Show..Dont Poke Too Hard otherwise.......

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Todays Paulreyno Show showcases the talents of a very young band who are based in Scunthorpe. All of them are still at school and are 14-15 years old, however their talent spans much deeper and wider than their physical ages. They play a mix of metal/Punk. Whenever I listen to their music it takes me back to my school years in particular 1977, when Punk was raelly at it's height. The band have already played a number of gigs in and around the Doncaster/Scunthorpe area. It was rumoured that the band had split just before the Summer, so I contacted Beef, to confirm the rumour and he said that the band are back in business and are ready to Rock and Roll.

The sketch today is a follow on of the Dusty Chapeaux madness theme, this time things have gone too far he is so deluded he thinks he is the President of the United States of America and even gives a speech on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Whats gonna become of Dusty? watch the ending and see for yourself..Next week The Paulreyno Show features The Red Cash Inferno a hardcore metal outfit from Doncaster.

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