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Friday, July 28, 2006

The M*101 Interview

The M*101 Interview
Video sent by paulreyno
These lads gave me an exclusive interview whilst taking a break from a sound check at the Woolpack public House in Doncaster.
M101 are probably the best all round gigging group in Doncaster at the moment, their problem is they have played Doncaster to death and need to get some gigs further afield.Their fan base is huge mainly 14-18 year olds with probably one exception, They are better than Busted, they are mightier than McFly. You just need to hear these guys, nay you need to go and see these guys. Jon, the Vocalist, never keeps still, always on the move , an energetic individual whose enthusiasm is infectious throughout the band and even encapsulates the audience. .... .James, the bass player, always smiling, enjoys playing the four stringed poor man's lead guitar, his brand of playing is reminiscent of someone I knew many years ago lol... ..Chris, guitar player has an intelligent manner in which he carefully carresses the strings of his axe, he plays a mean rock and a subtle jazz riff is also well within his repertoire....the other guitarist, Howard is as restless as the lead singer, he picks up his guitar closes his eyes and.....he's away, he gets into his music with so much passion it is almost like he is in a trance like state. ...Finally, Dave-O the drummer, .... .. I have never seen a drummer who can play as wide a contrast of styles as this young man can all of my 25 years in and around the music business, for his age he is exceptionally talented.
Here we have five individuals who have so much talent and when combined as a group its phenominal.
The backing music to the interview are old unmixed demos the boys did ages ago. They are due back in the studio very shortly to record another album.
They are currently unsigned and would dearly like to hear from a record label.
Their new website is currently under construction so you can contact the lads through me or direct through myspace on http://www,

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