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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Paulreyno Show ....Hotter than Hell

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The Paulreyno Show this week is entitled “Hotter than Hell” I started by doing a “run of the mill” videoblog about my family on the hottest day of the year so far this summer, however it did not turn out like that. Brad fell off the chair he was sitting on a classic “You’ve been framed” moment, but it was Marty’s antics to the reaction that made this particular part of the video a must include in the show, better than any staged sketch. The rest of the shoot came easy as an add on to the paulreyno show. The band this week is a band called Stinger, Doncaster’s finest Metal band, they won battle of the bands 2006 in Doncaster. Their main inspiration is Iron Maiden, in fact on the night that I shot this video the lead singer from an iron maiden tribute band took to the stage and did a couple of numbers with the boys. The video is a compilation of the whole evening’s shoot. The Music is exactly what you would expect from a live gig. The format is slightly different from the usual but it would be boring sticking to the same format over and again. My show is about variety, hey if your talent isn’t music I still want to know I will showcase any sort of talent but please keep it clean strictly no porn.

I did howver re introduce my favourite type of comedy ...mime the silents are still the best.

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