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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Innermost thoughts of Reyno .. Book now Published

Paul Reynoldson aka Paulreyno has been around the creative side of the internet for a few years now , starting with his artwork, then his work with video and now has published his first poetry book. Paul is no stranger to the written word. His first ever publication released in 1986 “Adwick-Le-Street, a social and Economic History” is still creating interest. More recently Paul has been working alongside bands from all over the world, creating promo videos for them. He has a somewhat accomplished musical compositional work behind him too. Clearly a very creative person indeed. Paul, an ex Psychiatric Nurse, now an advisor at BT said, “Working at BT is quite inspiring for creativity. Always talking to many varied individuals throughout the UK.
We believe that this publication “The Innermost thoughts of Reyno” is an incisive look inside the mind of a creative, yet insane genius.This is certainly worth the £5 price tag

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Paulreyno presents a collection of thoughts that enter his head first thing in the morning when he arrives at work. This collection covers tha fantasy (you only live twice), to the out and out dark (on a black night). It covers the war on terror from an anti-war stance. All in all a great read, and helps get inside the mind of one very complex individual.

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