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The Paulreynoshow is the most exciting and funny show on the net today..and its free to view. Here we see the Paulreyno show from its humble and naive beginings transform into what we have today. The show started as the Spliffy Show and developed with the addition of new characters into the very much loved Paulreyno show. Sit back, Enjoy and be entertained. TO DOWNLOAD JUST CLICK ON THE MAIN HEADING OF THE CHOSEN VIDEO

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Swallow Recordings

Ever wanted to record your tunes onto CD or myspace, but cant because ti record an mp3 is expensive re. studio time. Let the Studio come to you for a very small fee Swallow recordings will come to your rehearsal rooms and record your mp3s there and then for you. You dont even have to worru about shifting all your gear to the studios.
Swallow Recordings can be found on myspace by clicking here

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