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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Richie Ramsay hire him buy his records

Richie Ramsay was born on February 9 1969. Youngest of seven children. his artistic bent was shown at an early age when he started writing poetry in primary school. He was as part of of the Lawrence Tavern Primary School drama group given the opportunity to perform these poems.
At ten years old Richie joined the Jamaica Combined Force Cadet Band. He was given the percussion perimeter in a full piece schoolboys band. There were woodwinds , brassswinds , strings and percussion sections represented.
Richie penned his first song at about 14 years old. He still has that and every other song he has written since then. Thats when he knew undeniably what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
After leaving high school Richie travelled to then West Germany where he was exposed to a wide range of musical styles on the streets of Munich. Also the end of an era as it was at that time the Berlin wall came down. He was there to help to dismantle the wall November 1989.
When he returned home to Jamaica he recorded his first album "It's A Black Thing " with Tony Soyemi and Chris Beck at the Music Asylum. After that musical stint he joined the Jamaica Defence Force. He quickly became disillusioned with the system and returned to music.
Richie started recording with Dean Fraser. He worked with musicians like Nambo Robinson , Desi Jones, Alvin Haughton , Obeah Denton and many other Jamaican greats. He did songs like "Poverty Is A Crime", Guilty Leaders", "People Need Hope" and others which got great reviews and airplay from the Jamaican media. There was more to do though.
Richie sold his ride hopped on a bus to Kingston and hooked up with Leebert "Gibby" Morrisson and "Riot And Revolution" was born.
This is Richie Ramsay's first self produced album that will be his signature style. A fusion of Reggae Folk Rock . A true testament to the man himself.

Richie is ready, willing and able to tour the uk at the drop of a hat. This man is so talented his music is refreshingly awesome. Already, this man has sold lots of copies of his album in Germany and his homeland of Jamaica, he also told me that some copies have even found their way to the Philippines. How cool is that.

So promoters, producers, venue owners festival organisers, get this man on board you wont be sorry.A lthough he does have the backing of his record label, ZYX Records, he is a free agent and can make decisions for himself, however he would prefer if you made contact though me first.
This guy could easily be the best import from Jamaica since Bob Marley.
click on the photo for Richie's Myspace site

Please show some interest the name is Richie Ramsay you saw it here first.

here are the links for Richie's recordings:
you can buy them from Amazon.

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