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Saturday, August 19, 2006

City Life Demo

Watch the video

Here it is at long last after 24 years City life dusts of the cobwebs and has a brand new look and sound, with different lyrics to bring it right upto date. The theme is related to the London Bombings last year on July 7th.

The story is..I was contacted by a songwriter called Guy Young, who complimented me on my show and asked basically if there was anything he could do, so I gave him the song, I told him that I was struggling to raise it from the ashes. He said he would give it a go. This is the result. So in true Paulreyno Show fashion I got Uncle Dic to introduce it. I thought that it was about time I publicised my own talents a for a change.

Anyhow back to the plot. I have decided to give the song to my friend Paul Whinfrey aka Pocket Rocket. I feel he can do it real justice.


The song and video are basically saying that we are not safe whatever City we live in, we cannot escape the threat of terrorism, whether we live in London, New York, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Beijing, Tokyo or anywhere else for that matter 

If you feel you can do something different with the music please let me know first before you do so.



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