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The Paulreynoshow is the most exciting and funny show on the net today..and its free to view. Here we see the Paulreyno show from its humble and naive beginings transform into what we have today. The show started as the Spliffy Show and developed with the addition of new characters into the very much loved Paulreyno show. Sit back, Enjoy and be entertained. TO DOWNLOAD JUST CLICK ON THE MAIN HEADING OF THE CHOSEN VIDEO

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Video sent by paulreyno
Mr Spliffy has had a re-styling, complete with mohican hairstyle and has shaved off his beard. I have created a new man, his name is Magic Ian. Hope you like this one

M. Spliffy a eu re-dénommer, accomplit la coiffure de mohican et a rasé outre de sa barbe. J'ai créé un nouvel homme, son nom est Magic Ian. J'espère que vous aimez celui-ci

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Anonymous Smoke said...

Drugs are just bad, you should try to use Herbal Alternatives as a temporary replacement to loose the dependance!

11:12 pm  
Blogger Paul_Reynoldson said...

Its a puppet, its not real, puppets can smoke as much as they want they are not alive.

11:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

smoke r u some kind of arsehole a puppet are not human after all.

11:21 pm  
Blogger jenny evans said...

Welcome back to the video blogging world to my old friend Mr Spliffy it is great to see you back on the screen again so welcome back my old son. Welcum back tuh the video bloggin warld tuh me aad marra mr spliffy it is class tuh see yee back on the screen agyen see welcum back me aad bonnie lad.Welcome Hammer and Tack ter the bloody video bloggin' world ter me old China Plate mr spliffy it is mother's pearly gate ter clock ya Hammer and Tack on the screen again so welcome Hammer and Tack me old Currant Ban. Welcome back ter de video blogg'n wirld ter me owd kidda misti spliffy it is gaffer ter see yous back ed de screun again so welcome back me owd son. Welcum back ter the video bloggen world ter me aud skip mr spliffy it is crackin ter see yaouw back on the screen agen so welcum back me aud owern. I'm terribly sorry but welcome beck to the videoh blogging world to one's old daaarrrling mr spliffy it is spiffing to see you, one's old bean, beck ohn the screen again soh welcome beck one's old sohn.

11:28 pm  

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